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Integrated Technology Solutions understands the need to stay connected especially in such a technology driven society. With our experience and expertise we can get your business up to date with the latest communication systems, all while impacting your daily operations as little as possible.

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Popular systems we work on:

  • ​​Nortel
  • NEC
  • ​Shoretel
  • ​Avaya
  • ​Cisco
  • ​Lucent
  • ​Mitel
  • ​Siemens
  • ​And many more!

Telecommunications Services:

  • Complete Phone System Installation
    • ​​Server setup & programming
    • ​Phone programming
    • ​Cabling and Mounting of system and phones
  • ​Installation and maintenance on VoIP Systems
  • ​Existing system diagnostics and maintenance
    • ​Adding lines to a system
    • ​Adding different phone locations to a site
    • ​Connecting multiple sites together
  • ​Intercom Installation
  • Voicemail Programming
  • Paging System Setup